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Like about half of the pagan community I come from a Christian household. And while I would hesitate to call it hostile, it certainly was not a very open-minded household. My parents followed the Bible to the point where, as a child, I frequently got asked if I was a Jew because I didn't eat seafood or celebrate Christmas. 
Since becoming a Pagan and come out of the closet about my Bi-sexuality I've joked about my father drowning me in Holy Water despite not being Catholic.
But the sad truth of it is I don't have to worry about Holy Water. I do have to worry about disownment. The Bible teaches that thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. I doubt my father would go so far as to kill me, but I know he would never accept my identity as a Pagan, as a believer in and worshiper of multiple deities, as a practicioner of spells (even if my 'spells' right now are nothing more than the rituals). 
To my father, if he knew what I was, he would see me as nothing more than a Satan worshiper. Not to mention my sexuality.
And my mom? My mom is my best friend, I tell her almost everything. But it would slowly kill her inside if she knew who I identified as. And it kills me that I can't tell her, but I couldn't ever let myself hurt her in that way. 

So why am I telling you about my parents? Because I want to get the story out there of how I can to walk this path, but more importantly I want to get the message out there that even though I have every reason to feel a hatred and animosity towards the Christian religion, I don't feel that. An animosity towards my parents beliefs, yes, but I have nothing personal against the Christian religion. And the whys and hows of it can't be told in just one quick blurb. Because this story is about more than how I came to walk the way, it's about how Christianity introduced Paganism to me.

Until then, I am Tasho
An Ex-born again, Bi-sexual, Pagan.


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