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I love love love the Wigglian Way. Because it's all about the love on the Wigglian Way. No seriously.
No seriously.
I started listening to the Wigglian Way early in 2010. At that point it was a matter of catching up on about 50 or 60 podcasts. Now they're onto their 85th podcast. (wow guys, did you realize you're now only 15 podcasts away from 100?)

Mojo and Sparrow share their lives with their listeners, from the mundane to the magical. They are traditional Wiccan practitioners (don't ask me which tradition, I need to go back and re-listen to find out), but their podcast is very accessible to all listeners. In fact, thanks to my late start practicing paganism, I learned a lot about basic paganism from the Wigglian Way, like the tools and the rituals.  I cannot toot their horn enough. They are a beautiful combination of practical knowledge, listener feedback, and music. Oh, yes, especially the music, they play some wonderful pieces on their podcast, including some songs from the band that Mojo himself once belonged too.

Just go over there and give them a listen. You won't be able to help but love them.

Well, since I've started a regular session of podcast reviews with the CSULB Pagan Alliance, I figure I may as well post my review of the podcast I presented to my group this week.
I brought up Fire Lyte because because he has recently made some edits to his Project Pagan Enough, and the most recent episode was the first real introduction I had had to it. (Click the link on the front page to check it out) I heard it and thought that it was perfect to introduce to my Pagan Alliance. Now I do not feel I can make a real judgement on the show because so far I've only heard the 3 most recent episodes, and I'm currently listening to Episode 10 (I've listened to the shows up to that point).

Immediately the first reaction I have to the podcast is that Fire Lyte is NOT afraid to express his emotions. He is extremely outspoken, to the point of seeming a bit off-putting at times. This should not be seen as a reason not to listen to his podcast, seeing as he is a very educated and eloquent individual. I had listened to Inciting a Brewhaha (IaB) long before I listened to IaR (More on that podcast later), and through that I came to realize he was really quite humorous, educated, and a truly kind-hearted long as he wasn't talking about morons.
IaR has several sections, Inciting a Newsworthy Riot, Inciting a Literary Riot, and Inciting a New Word Riot, among his regular sections where he discusses spiritual and specifically Pagan issues. Fire Lyte describes himself with the following words, "I would be the tree-hugging, left-wing, homosexual, dirt-worshipping poet your conservative parents warned you about." And that works perfectly. Be prepared for lots of shameless self-promotion and self-back-patting.

As with any text, podcast, or other media form, of any topic, I remind you to listen to Inciting a Riot with a grain of salt. That is, while he is an incredibly well-researched individual, he's also very sarcastic, and again, very outspoken. Do not get pissed off about something JUST BECAUSE Fire Lyte is. Or if he says to drop a baby in your cauldron and boil it, don't take him seriously. If you listen to Inciting a Riot, don't just listen to it with one ear, because if you get pissed off about something he says, you may not have heard it all, or he used some elaborate language that you didn't quite get. (Not calling you dumb, I'm calling HIM a word-o-phile).

Find Inciting a Riot at, where you can find his blog, a link to his show, and all other forms of internet media he participates in.

If you have any suggestions for this or future reviews, please feel free to comment. Until next time,

First Post! 02/13/2011
I've become something of an iPod addict. I got my first iPod just last September (2010), and I have become addicted to the fact that not only am I able to carry my entire musical library with me wherever I go, but also podcasts. And if you were to look at my podcast library it's mostly pagan podcasts, (with a couple smodcasts, language learning podcasts, and a Firefly fancast thrown in). That's right. I'm addicted to pagan podcasting, in fact it was one of those podcasts that gave me the idea to create this blog.
So what better way can I honor those podcasts that I'm addicted to, than offering you a review page, and maybe introducing a few of my readers to a podcast they'll enjoy as much as I do.
But just to be fair I won't be reviewing just the podcasts I love. I will try to review each podcast I listen to, and I will try my best not to review any podcast that I have not listened to each episode of, or at the very least, I will listen to more than just one or two podcasts without offering a review. No one is at their best when they first record, and no one is in perfect health when they record.
I hope I can offer a few good opinions for one or two of my readers!

Until next time,
I am Tasho Wolfspark
And I'm addicted to Pagan Podcasts.