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So not a whole lot here yet. I eagerly await donations, any articles to post here. This is a spiritual blog so I'm not looking for purely academic submissions, I'm looking for personal stories. For example an article telling us about your god or goddess and why you identify with that particular deity. Or perhaps a review of your favorite pagan book and how it affects you personally. Maybe there is a pagan podcast that has changed your life and you want to write about how and why. Anything is accepted here but the more personal stories the better, spirituality is about the self, first and foremost. 

So I don't know what you're waiting for, click the contact button and let me put your story up!

Written by Tasho Wolfspark
A young woman living in Long Beach with her pack-sister. She looks forward to visits from her mom and spends to much time playing video games.


    You. Another Pagan Blog is about more than just one person's walk on the Pagan's about yours as well.


    October 2010



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