Another Pagan Blog
I've become something of an iPod addict. I got my first iPod just last September (2010), and I have become addicted to the fact that not only am I able to carry my entire musical library with me wherever I go, but also podcasts. And if you were to look at my podcast library it's mostly pagan podcasts, (with a couple smodcasts, language learning podcasts, and a Firefly fancast thrown in). That's right. I'm addicted to pagan podcasting, in fact it was one of those podcasts that gave me the idea to create this blog.
So what better way can I honor those podcasts that I'm addicted to, than offering you a review page, and maybe introducing a few of my readers to a podcast they'll enjoy as much as I do.
But just to be fair I won't be reviewing just the podcasts I love. I will try to review each podcast I listen to, and I will try my best not to review any podcast that I have not listened to each episode of, or at the very least, I will listen to more than just one or two podcasts without offering a review. No one is at their best when they first record, and no one is in perfect health when they record.
I hope I can offer a few good opinions for one or two of my readers!

Until next time,
I am Tasho Wolfspark
And I'm addicted to Pagan Podcasts.