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So just a quick summary of what's going on.
When I moved to Long Beach a year ago I met Rain and Wolf in a coven that met close to the school. Since then some coven drama has made things difficult. Since then we've thought about setting up a coven for people closer to our own age, which led us to the idea of the Campus Coven, 
So we're trying to set up a club for pagans on campus, where we'll discuss the different pagan pathways, we'll discuss pagan reading, and have our own rituals.
So far we haven't gone very far. We have contacted the professor we were hoping would sponsor the group, and only found out recently that she has been out of the country for several months and will not be returning until November. So hopefully by the start of the Spring semester we'll have things set up and ready to go. I'll keep posting updates here, and if anyone is interested in attending the CSULB Campus Coven meetings, feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know, and keep watching here for updates. 
You don't have to be pagan to join, just have an interest in learning more about being pagan.
And if you want to be involved with the creation of the coven, again, please shoot me an e-mail (On the contact page!)

That's the news, keep watching for updates,
Tasho Wolfspark

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    About the efforts of Tasho, Rain, and Wolf in setting up their Campus Coven


    October 2010



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