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First off I must apologize for missing my update last week. Aside from being drugged up on medication for the cold that had swept me off my feet on the third of February, and working four days in a row despite being sick out of my mind, Sunday had also been my Initiation/Completion of my Year-And-A-Day dedication (And then I worked right after. And then I came home at 1130 to a house full of drunks).

Sunday was amazing. Despite being drugged and having a fuzzy memory I will try to recount it to the best of my ability.
It was supposed to start at about 1:30, but we probably didn't really start planning the ritual until then, and we had to wait for our friend Walrus to show up. "We" here is, if you remember, myself and Wolf. Several of our friends were there, including my roommate Rain, and my sister (I'll just use "L" for my sister, for the moment). There were also several of Wolf's friends there, many of whom I hadn't met before. And of course Walrus was there as well.
We started with casting circle as always. I called the Goddess, in my case Cerridwen, and Wolf called God, in his case Thor.
Then Bear and Glory, as our circle Elders, created a boundary within the circle. We started with Bear addressing myself, ("Who approaches?" "I Tasho." "How do you come?" "In perfect love and in perfect trust." "Who are you honoring today?" "The goddess Cerridwen and the God Lugh.") Then I crossed the border and turned to address the rest of the circle.
I tried to parallel my Pagan life to my Christian life, but somewhere it all got lost in a medication-induced ramble. (Or a Tasho-induced ramble! I'm quite good at it...) I mentioned my 18 years as a "dedicant" to Christianity, and I mentioned how it filled a hole of spirituality which I'm sure I would have otherwise felt empty without. I told of how I knew that there was something that I was meant to serve, but that eventually I came to realize that the Christian faith was just not right for me.
Then I think I mentioned something about my family...or not...but I did certainly go on to mention that I was there that day to make a vow to serve my god and goddess, and in so doing to also serve my friends, family, and my pack. I wish I could remember all of what I said...or that someone had had a video camera. It was apparently very touching.
Then I turned back to Bear and Glory, and hugged each of them. They spoke privately with me for a moment, and I walked deosil around the circle back to my spot next to L.

Next Glory called Wolf, and he surprised us all a bit when he named his patron goddesses, none of whom he had really known before our Thursblot ritual. Then of course he stood and orated a magnificent speech...or at least I felt moved, but I don't recall at all what he said! After he walked deosil back to his spot we closed circle and the four of us (Wolf, Rain, Walrus, and I) all hugged our little brains out.
It was an absolutely magical day. I only wish I hadn't been sick at the time! I think I may do something private here at home, once I truly get back to 100%, something between the gods, goddesses, and I.
But I certainly have been seeing things in a new light since then.
My only regret is that my dear Dragonwolf could not have been there.

Since this is an irregular post and a week late, I would still like to get out another post continuing my story. I will do my best to get this out soon, hopefully before Wednesday.

Until then, I am Tasho Sparkwolf, an ex-born again, bisexual pagan!


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