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My parents hail from Washington and Idaho, having spent their youth moving around between the two states. My dad's family was a real country kind of family, they had built their own house when my dad was in middle school or high school, and they had some farmland. My mom's dad was a Protestant pastor, and she was the youngest of three children, with about 7 years between her and her closest-in-age sister. 
They both grew up, went to college and got married. Mom married a quiet athletic guy who fathered her first two daughters. Dad married...well all I really know about Dad's first wife is she was a waitress, and I just found that out recently...Dad's pretty closemouthed about the marriage.
I won't go into to many details about my Mom's divorce, but you should know that it was completely justified. My Mom kept her daughters, my big sisters and became a working single mother. At this point she was living in Washington. Her sister and her sister's husband had started attending a small, non-denominational church that had about 5 or 6 regular families at the time. And my aunt just knew she had to introduce her little sister to the trumpeter in the church. 
My parents courted, and I presume they fell in love, but they still kept their distance from one another. The church where they had met, where they were both now attending, taught that the old laws were not done away with, just because of the existence of the new laws in the New Testament.  The combed the Bible over, aware of the law that if a woman should be divorced from her husband that she may not remarry. My parents went over the laws with a fine toothed comb until they found the law that considered their marriage legal in the eyes of God. I couldn't tell you for sure, but if I remember the story right, I think it had something to do with the fact that he had also been divorced before. They were married in the summer of '86. Almost immediately they packed up the car and moved down to sunny California where Dad already had a job lined up.
I was born almost exactly one year later. 



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