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So I wanted to make a brief announcement, even though it is out of colet me make a little announcement about the present day.
Next Sunday, Feb the 6th, my friends Wolf, Songbird, and I will be completing our Year and a Day and celebrating our "initiation."
I'm still not really sure what this means for me. For Wolf it's a sort of Priesthood. And the ceremony seems to be largely celebrating him anyway...but for me...for me it's just the first day of the rest of my years and years of learning.
For us initiates, in our group, the Year and a Day was supposed to be about learning, plain and simple. There's nothing regimental about our makeshift "coven" so it wasn't the typical Year and a Day by a long shot.
I learned a lot in my Year and a Day. But looking back on it, it wasn't anymore than I would've learned anyway. I think about it and I realize I didn't do anything special in my Year and a Day, or anything significant to make it stand out from any other year. Some pretty special things happened to me, but it wasn't because of anything that I did. Because I'm already learning. And I will always be learning. Just like in every other aspect of my life, there is no ultimate, no time when I will ever be done. I will continue to move forward, to study, and to learn.
So in a way, I don't really feel like my Year and a Day is over...because it never really had a set start, and it will certainly never have a set ending.
So next Sunday, Feb the 6th I will attend a bar-b-que in a park that will commemorate my choice to continue to learn about what it is to be a Pagan, a daughter of Cerridwen and a niece of Lugh.


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